01 dez 2011

Melhor produtor de vinhos efervescentes

Caves do Solar de São Domingo was the winner of "Best Production of Effervescent Wine" becoming the choice w-anibal 2011.

In this category, perennial favorites (and more than likely winners in upcoming issues) saw the prize to approach the Atlantic, rewarding the love of sparkling wines and art work in the family vineyards and winery with grapes that poorly ripen. With a history of famous spirits, the Caves do Solar de São Domingos in Bairrada, impressed me in 2011, with the quality of various sparkling wines, always tempting prices and, above all, with some surprises among the tops of their range. Congratulations to the young team of winemaking, "
Aníbal Coutinho, Newsletter Special PrémiosW 2011.

Anibal Coutinho choose -

A magnificent gift in this year that we celebrate 75 years of Caves Sõa Domingos existence. We are very pleased to see the work recognized in recent years in SÃO DOMINGOS.

We appreciate the distinction and promise to continue to work to elevate the portuguese wines, Bairrada in particular.

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